The significant problems we face cannot be solved
at the same level of thinking we were at
when we created them.
— Albert Einstein

Energy independence, environmental preservation, and economic sustainability represent critical global challenges. The Hopewell Project, a New Jersey Nonprofit Corporation, is addressing these issues through technology development and educational efforts.

The Hopewell Project is aptly named: both a beacon of hope and a wellspring of scientific and technological prowess. Hopewell, NJ is also the location of one of our signature projects, the Solar-Hydrogen Residence. Without creating emissions, this home’s energy system covers all of a typical family’s needs without relying on any outside fuel source—fossil or otherwise, foreign or domestic. This demonstration project shows that the technology to power our homes and communities with clean, safe, reliable, renewable resources is currently within our reach. In short, the future is now.

The Hopewell Project seeks to marshal the combined energies of government, businesses, philanthropies, and concerned individuals. Collectively, we can create a proud legacy as a generation possessing the courage and vision to move into a new energy paradigm, thereby securing the future for all those who follow.

Are you willing to play an active role in changing the energy paradigm? Will you join us in standing up for a future based on sustainable energy? We at The Hopewell Project are committed to the promotion of renewable energy through practical action, right now.